Turn to most expert stylists and they’ll tell you that skinny jeans on fat guys just don’t work. Therefore, they adequate on any occasion, being classy and durable. Skinny jeans must have a high waist for big thighs in order to look flattering. Have you thought about getting them tapered or taken in around that area? Skinny jeans; Slim fit; Relaxed jeans; Straight fit; Baggy jeans; Let’s look at what types of jeans are the best fitting jeans for guys with big thighs. With that type of build, the loose tapered or slim carrot is pretty much the only option unless you specifically choose body builders jeans. Check out http://www.wellbuiltapparel.com their jeans are actually designed for muscular legs. Pants anchor an outfit, but when you have a large stomach, achieving a perfect fit takes extra effort. You’ll be doing yourself a favour in the long run. To create the best outfit, chunky shoes are very recommended due to balancing the proportion of your legs, as opposed to stilettos which will only highlight the fact that your thighs are big. I still need to get a wait size too big to fit my ass/legs in and they are still a little too tight for work really but they are the best I've found. A good pair of jeans will last so investing in a decent pair will be better than re-buying the cheaper jeans. A person of plus size is to choose loose jeans of straight cut or relaxed ones to hide his big thighs and to balance the body look in away. It is challenging enough to find pants that fit well if you are a man with big thighs. Select a dark denim design for a flattering appearance. Since your legs are going to be quite well built around the thigh area, you don’t want to suction them into a tube skinny. Check out KOJO FIT at http://www.kojofit.com. Unless you know certain tips for wearing jeans, you may wear them and think, my thighs look huge! Not gay and 13. Jeggings suit only slight young girls and ladies and certain, casual occasions. 100% cotton denim. Trust me, this will be helpful when it comes to figuring out which style of Levi’s jeans will fit you the best. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Shop Black Flats, Heel Booties, Black Pumps Shoes, Black Flat Sandals and more. For guys who have big legs because they’re overweight? If you are after a skinny fit, that actually fits guys with athletic, muscular or bodybuilder legs, then Kojo Fit have Ultra-Stretch Denim Jeans, which have a fit tailored for this body type. I’m so glad it could help you! If they cover your belly, this is a great way to hold it all in and prevent any bulges over the top of the jeans. Keep reading to find out why I'm against the trend of men's skinny jeans. Whereas, cropped jeans are a no-go for shorter ladies because they tend to shorten the appearance of the legs, making them look stubby and wider, and you had big thighs to begin with! Hi, I will be writing a post on this for women soon, but I recommend something like a straight leg, but you might want to check out Levi’s BOLD Curve as they are designed for small waists and bigger hips/thighs. Diesel Waykee are a great fit for me so if you can recommend anything similar, that’d be great. The jeans fit close to your body, and they can be pretty tight in the rear, but your movement is … Thank goodness my legs look like a woman! I’m glad Diesel Waykee works for you, it’s a nice cut! Skinny jeans may be the most popular denim style, but the general consensus is that they're also the most difficult to wear and shop for. There are a lot of guys out there who love to hit the gym and work on their physique, or guys that love muscular building sports and it leaves them with very muscly legs. This is when you know you need a new pair. My son is a hockey player and built every muscular thighs: 21 inches thick, what’s do you suggest for him? We have recently launched a new range of jeans called Athlete Denim (www.AthleteDenim.com). 5 Best Pants for Women with Big Butts. "The classic '80s/'90s Levi's look is well suited for women with big thighs and hourglass shapes because of the pitched waist and particular way we cut the jeans through the back," says Guenza. The jeans are 78% cotton, 21% polyester and 1% spandex which allows for some stretching. Would skinny jeans look god on my shape? Diesel make a fantastic loose tapered jean, the Krooley, and it comes in numerous, authentic looking washes. The owner of Jean Shop, Eric Goldstein, is a big guy (in one conversation with him he told me that he was “not a small guy,” and the cut of his earliest models reflect his understanding that big guys like to wear nice jeans too. You need the jeans to finish at the right length. Go for a dark blue or black skinny jean and DO NOT WEAR FLATS with them. Try to find a garment, concealing body defects. Image: pinterest.com. If you’ve got this, you can pull of the look. Similarly, boot-cut jeans have a fitted design from the hip to the knee and can be uncomfortable on men with bulky thighs. I’ve seen some mentally scarring images that wont leave my head of moments like these, so I definitely don’t want you subjecting yourself to such torture! The waist is stretchy to allow seasonal weight variations, without the bottom area getting saggy. They do short leg an inch shorter than most places too but with chinos they look fine rolled up a little. The first thing is to make sure that your skinny jeans aren’t too tight around the waist. If you are slim. If you need athletic fit jeans, pay us a visit! It’s going to be almost impossible to find a really skinny pair of jeans that fits you properly. Some people love skinny jeans, while others can't stand the thought. Avoid short tops that stop at the waist, as they will only draw the eyes to your midsection and upper thighs. You may want to hide behind a baggy hoodie to wear with your skinny jeans but don’t go too big. The extra room in the thighs will be a big benefit to you and instead of looking like a loose tapered jean, it will act like a skinny for you. Shop Barbell Apparel here. There are plenty of people, myself included, who make the lower end of 5 figures, but still choose to save up and purchase premium denim jeans because they’re worth the investment. 34w. Opt for a baggier style, and roll up the hem 1-2 times to show off the top of your boots. — J.C. I’m looking for fashionable jeans, skinny-ish but probably better to be slim fit. Hi Pauline, you might want to look into the Levi’s athletic fit jeans then as they are designed for athletes with muscular thighs. Most jeans are okay in the waist but will not go over his thigh or are too tight in that area. A high rise jean also sits well for men with big thighs as it makes the body look more streamlined. What about jeans for athletic women. Lighten up (on top). Thus, I recommend the jeans to middle-aged people.I can call them best jeans for big belly and skinny legs. No matter how big you are, your skinny jeans should fit snugly against your legs while allowing you enough room to bend your knees and sit comfortably. The Jeans Blog uses third party cookies to deliver better functionality to enhance your experience whilst using our site. Or did you mean from another brand? Opt for a high-waisted cut to slim your stomach and avoid bulging or pair a low-rise cut with a long top. Is there a way to make my legs look bigger in them? If you are shopping for a pair of skinny jeans, choose a darker wash. Women with apple body tend to have longer legs so you need to choose skinny jeans with a long seam. There are certain things that you absolutely need to avoid, as when it comes to skinny jeans, bigger guy problems are commonplace. Skinny or straight-leg jeans. When you wear pants with a tight waist, your belly bulge is accentuated, leaving you with an embarrassing look. The Best Athletic Fit Jeans for Guys With Big Thighs. Ensure your skinny jeans fit well and are not too tight or loose. The best fit you need to look for in a skinny is a loose tapered one. Also set Sale Alerts and shop Exclusive Offers only on ShopStyle. There’s nothing worse for a guy’s style than wearing the wrong kind of jeans, but sometimes we’re scared to try out new trends that we think may not be for us. I have noted the Diesel and Levi 541 in your post. Making sure jeans tick these boxes before you buy them will ensure that you only purchase the best style for your body type. I would probably say go for smaller pockets, which is harder to find on men’s jeans, but a lot of women’s offer it. Normally, he cannot even pull them over his thighs. Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be a tough task, so we’ve sorted through the rails of new jeans to find the best pair of jeans for your figure, whether you have big thighs, a big tummy, you’re pregnant or you want jeans that lift your bum. I want to wear jeans … The extra room in the thighs will be a big benefit to you and instead of looking like a loose tapered jean, it will act like a skinny … For me – men should never wear skinny jeans (unless they're skinny men themselves) There are other options for jeans that suit your body type much better. But sadly, there are guys who feel like that's okay. This pair on Kim does the perfect job! Skinny jeans or tapered pants will make your legs look like toothpicks and should be avoided. A matter of fact a couple of MBA students are attempting to launch a denim startup and would appreciate your help in filling out this 5-minute survey. If you’ve got a pair of jeans that fit okay, but you’re still worried about a potential muffin top situation, just cheat.