Just as a teacher has to create conditions that support and encourage student success, school districts have to support teachers’ professional development.. Today, professional development runs the gamut from one-shot workshops to more intensive job-embedded professional development, which has teachers learn in the day-to-day environment in which they work … Home. With both synchronous and asynchronous components, Virtual Institutes aim to create a space to connect with facilitators and colleagues directly with facilitated discussions, job-embedded practices, and plenary sessions led by Harvard Graduate School of Education faculty. Child protection for teachers – free short course for teachers and school staff wishing to learn about how child abuse and neglect affects children’s learning, why abuse occurs, and how to recognise signs of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and neglect. Bring new art and ideas to your classroom and curriculum. Teacher (Self) Development Workshops. Each program contains multiple modules that combine both theory and practice. Online Office Hours Each online office hours session includes a 20 minute topical presentation, followed by questions and answers with participants and Library experts. Where to Find Free Online Professional Development for Teachers. Workshops. Program Policies, Master of Education (Ed.M.) UND offers teachers quality professional development opportunities to continue their education and excel in the classroom. THEN THEY CAME FOR ME FREE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS FOR 4th through 12th GRADE TEACHERS *Space is limited* Join us for a series of two one-day workshops that provide a backdrop to the special exhibit Then They Came for Me: Incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII and the Demise of Civil Liberties.The exhibit which opens January 18, 2019, examines a terrifying … BJU Press Professional Development. This virtual workshop is interactive as teachers engage in practical experiences and application of the learning concepts. Professional Education currently offers three online certificate programs that address critical issues of practice for education leaders at different levels and settings. Professional development for teachers and educators in the K-12 system. Our staff are currently working from home and we expect no service disruption in the coming months. Choose from over 200 individual online courses, offered through PDE at the University of North Dakota, for professional growth, license renewal and salary advancement. This workshop gives teachers tools they can use to grow a culture of inquiry in their classrooms. About Me. Most of our short online workshops are fully asynchronous, where the learning experience is on your schedule, and you can access program material at any time convenient for you. 230 Making PLC’s More Effective, 15 Ways To Make Remote Teaching Easier–And More Enjoyable, Other Data: 20 Signs You’re Actually Making A Difference As A Teacher, 30 Reflection Prompts For Teacher Well-Being, The TeachThought Podcast Ep. Whether you’re looking for shorter introductory sessions or deeper dives, our online workshops are designed to help you continue to grow your teaching craft. Review and feedback will be provided with submission of the planning template within 4 days of the end of the workshop. Because these are individual, one-on-one, sessions the content will be determined by your needs and questions. This was the first workshop offered by DS to provide teachers online professional development. Three senior elementary mathematics teachers co-mentored the workshop as teaching assistants and provided apprenticeship and online mentoring to support the professional development of 128 pre-and in-service teachers of mathematics. One-hour individual coaching conversation sessions to guide school-wide PBL implementation. We offer high quality early childhood education professional development through our online workshops for early childhood educators. We identify the features of these approaches and offer rich descriptions of these models to inform those seeking to understand the nature of the initiatives. Workshop topics range from Ensuring Success for All, to Developing Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning, Articulating the Intangibles of Teaching: Aligning Your Purpose and Practice for Instructional Leadership, to Educating Global Citizens, and many more. Download the Professional Development Network brochure. Included is understanding common language and aligned strategies that support teachers’ intentional planning and implementation for meeting diverse needs. How can we create projects that will better prepare students for the modern world? This workshop will be a blend of synchronous and asynchronous work. The most common content for each one-hour session is: And we’ll discuss your questions about PBL! That’s why Continuing Studies at UVic offers a range of professional development opportunities to meet your needs. Teacher development occurs when these aspects of development are occurring: personal, professional and social development. Summer is the perfect time to continue your professional career development. Contact us today to build personalized online PD for your school in any of our areas of professional development! Each of the three parts can be viewed asynchronously with the option for a live/synchronous followup video chat session to explore your questions, reflections, and to deepen your understanding. 13 Appian Way, Longfellow Hall, Fifth Floor MoMA offers professional development workshops and online resources that will give you tools and tips to guide your students to look closely, discuss art, and think critically. The Mathematical Capacity Workshop was designed to promote teachers' professional development. Professional Development. SACE and Teacher Development LOGIN TO DOWNLOAD 25.55 KB It may take a year or longer to complete all requirements to receive the certificate. Upcoming virtual institutes include: Synchronous and recorded, Professional Education webinar series cover the most pressing topics on education right now, and are meant to quickly address the drastically changing needs of educators. We have partnered with S&S Worldwide to bring you quality online courses to educators and school districts. Search by Type: Workshops | Courses | Institutes | Webinars | Certificates.

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