In the wild, the fish can grow to 40 inches, which means it’s not suitable for home aquariums. Breeding: Rosy Barbs scatter a large number of eggs on plants or special breeding mops made of nylon yarn. The females have a more subdued pattern. However, in general rosy barbs are kept in community tanks with various species, the main thing is that their tank mates don’t have long fins like those of betta fish or oranda. Cherry Barbs are a striking example of the Barb family. Started by NCaquatics; Jul 29, 2020; Replies: 622 ; … Male Rosy Barbs display deep red under belly coloration & this intensifies during breeding ( This may not apply to all strains of Rosy Barb) Males appear a bit Slimmer & smaller than females. Male on Right. The Red Panda Barb (Haludaria fasciata), also known as the Melon Barb, is a generally peaceful species that is an excellent fish for the community planted aquarium. Aquarium Setup. 0 0. This pinkish fish species of barb grows up to 6 inches (14 cm) in length. Females have no such fanciful fins. Difference Between Male & Female Rosy Barbs Now the question arises how you will distinguish between a male and a female Rosie Barb. You can help maintain the bright sheen of your fish by keeping it on a nutritious diet each day. Cherries are a remarkable little fish, but they don’t display as much schooling behavior as most other barbs. Sex differences. Highly recommended. The Rosy Barb has a red, almost salmon coloration all over its body. In multi-lingual India, it is referred to as Karse in Kannada, Khavli in Marathi, or Puthi in Assamese and Chikka karsae. Breeding Rosy barbs What you will need. trending. Sexing. Tiger barbs are more predisposed to aggression, though there are some that will be peaceful. Also male have their so called fights, without any fight actually, but demonstrating their best colors. Every fish can be different, and you can see it play out across hundreds of species. If you believe I’m overstating this phenomenon, let me share this anecdote. There are different species in the barbs fish family, they have some similarities between them as well as some notable differences like color patterns in the body. It is important to remember: in a general aquarium, they must be kept in a flock. Product categories. Provide a coarse gravel in the breeding tank and after the eggs have been laid, remove the parents. Also note that females do not have any black colour in their fins while males do. Hot Weather Tips; Aquascaping; Advice; Diseases; Ponds; Cichlids. Their colour becomes bolder during their mating periods. When in good condition, males are a rosy pinkish red, with black tipped fins. It all comes down to the individual fish. It is one of the most vibrant freshwater fish in the world. rosy barb males. They were fed with live bloodworms and fish flakes (Tetramin, Germany) twice a day. Breeding: Type: Egg layer. Rosy Barb Male & Female. Females have that goldne shine. Relevance. Rosy Red minnows are mostly sold as feeder fish in fish stores. The maximum size of the fish is 2 inches. When cherry barb is young it’s difficult to see between the male and female. It is best, when trying to breed the Rosy Barb, to house two females with one male. These fish are hardy, undemanding, and fun to watch because they are constantly on the move. So you can add them with other same sizes fish without any trouble. Barb Fish: The Different Types of Freshwater Barbs. Freshwater Fish; Cyprinids - Barbs; Rosy Red Minnow. Rosy Barb Tank Mates. Coral Reef Forum. Comments: This is a Premium Pet Fish, and we never see Premium Fish like these in any of the live fish stores or in the online fish stores that we visit. Lv 4. Odessa barbs generally reach a length of around 5-7.5 centimetres (2-3 inches), but can usually grow up to 10 centimetres (4 inches). Rosy Barb Tropical Fish Learn all about the Rosy Barb's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. Sexual Differences: Adults Easily distinguished. They may weigh up to 340g (12 ounces) when fully grown but can weigh much less during adolescence. The Rosy Barb Puntius conchonius (previously Barbus conchonius) is one of the most beautiful freshwater fish. This fish is a friendly fish. Above: a small picture taken by our DrTomBailey of a beautiful young male Longfin Rosy Barb, swimming in one of our aquariums. Male is blushing pinkish in shading with dark tipped fins while the female body is silver to yellowish in hues with brighter fins. The Rosy barbs are well-known by many different names in its indigenous region. Answer Save. The water (salinity ~ 3‰) was maintained at 26 ± 1 °C and changed twice a week. Rosy Barb Appearance. Written by James Milner Updated 03/20/18 Sometimes I think it’s a shame barbs are not: A) Difficult to keep and breed B) Very expensive to purchase. 1 decade ago. They’re generally peaceful fish, suited for any community tank that doesn’t host large predators. Rosy Barb School These fish are lively and fun to watch. Visual differences between Male & Female Rosy Barb. 1 decade ago how do u tell the difference between a female rosy barb and a male? However, when the fish becomes reproductive the differences become more visible: the female is fatter with rounded abdomen while the male is slim and brighter colored. A male fish fertilizes the female fish’s egg, which later hatches. This technique will minimize aggression towards more passive tank mates. The females are mostly golden with shades of silver and greenish. As tank mates, fish with a similar temperament are best suited like tiger barbs, cherry barb, mollies, rainbowfish, dwarf cichlids, swordtails, rope fish, knife fish… Breeding the Congo Tetra . It’s like goldfish. Some will straight up murder their tank mates, especially during mating, while others are docile as sea cow. Next. JOIN OUR FACEBOOK COMMUNITY. When considering the life span, Checker Barbs have 6-8 years life span. TM. Males are know to have dark areas under them. Males are much more colorful than females; they are considerably larger and have more elaborate fin structure with a centrally extended caudal fin and a large and pronounced dorsal fin. This is a very hardy fish, very colorful, very active, and not aggressive aquarium fish. 1 decade ago. Indeed they should not be kept in a warmer tropical fish tank with temperatures above 75F. Rosy Red Minnows are the fish that you'll see 500+ packed into a small tank. how can you tell the differece between a male and female rosy barb? If in a large enough school, they typically will not bother any other fish in the aquarium. Some fishes have an organ called genital papilla. Barbs; Fighter Fish; Information. Adult male and female rosy barbs were purchased from a local fish dealer and kept in the laboratory in 40-litre fish tanks. This barb has a silvery or coppery-pink color with a green cast along the back, and the males will have more pink on their underbellies. Size of fish - inches: 5.9 inches (15.01 cm) - In the wild, the regular Rosy Barb can reach up to 6 inches (15 cm), but these captive-bred varieties generally only reach about 4 inches (10 cm) in length. Life Span: Rosy Barbs can live for several years with good water and good food. This color can fade significantly if the fish is under a lot of stress, or during the mating process. Learn more about Barbs here. i have a golden one and it has a very large abdomen. The female will also change during the breeding period and her look becomes more luminous. Because of these conditions, they are often disease ridden - fungal infections, bacterial infections, and parasites.

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