this one so good. Underrated!!! Farah Jul 07 2020 4:47 am I feel like I'm watching a wes anderson film hehe. edit: lmao as in seeing these two in one drama as two lead roles, 5_ooo Jun 17 2020 7:43 am The... Search. She's strong, fierce, & a very inspirational character. Be wise and honest before choose something. Koo Se-Ra is famous in her local ward office for constantly filming civil complaints. } The best drama ok kbs for this year, (in my opinion ofcourse) ??? See more ideas about watch drama online, drama, korean drama. I love the comedy skit and funny things on this. Penguin Bloom . Array(); The cinematography was captivating, for a series it's refreshing in the eyes. there's alwasy something new that's happening. Just days ago she had staged a … Seo Gyung Muyng, I am in love with his character. I love how the story builds-up. Dosheyan Apr 27 2020 9:34 pm geedat Aug 14 2020 10:43 am The plot is light ,but well written and lets you feel the characters. This showcases her acting ability - it really is near the top of the "great" category! A Moment to Remember (Korean: 내 머리 속의 지우개; RR: Nae Meorisogui Jiugae; lit. Park Sung Hoon and Nana ? The memorial came as the search for human remains and wreckage ended two weeks after the Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 plunged roughly 10,000 feet (3,000 metres) in less than a … Do Jung Woo is the legendary and talented team leader of the Police's special agency. Filming techniques and the scenes are making the drama to look like a light one. ❤️. hana Apr 28 2020 11:14 am Memorial Day (TV Movie 1983) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Can't wait for the vibes ? Nov 20, 2020 - Explore adelui's board "My KDrama Journey" on Pinterest. stranger danger Aug 25 2020 3:43 pm Drama: Memorist Revised romanization: Memorist Hangul: 메모리스트 Director: Kim Whee, So Jae-Hyun Writer: Jae Hoo (webcomic), Ahn Do-Ha, Hwang Ha-Na Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Release Date: March 11 - April 30, 2020 Runtime: Wed. & Thu. I love this drama I want them to end up dating and its rly funny one of the best movies ever, Aya Jul 25 2020 5:51 am Jem Aug 15 2020 12:13 pm Now they have another name "Into the Ring". Innocence Synopsis and Plot Summary. KTTS Oct 25 2020 11:35 pm Here is more information. LKB Apr 30 2020 8:46 am Thank you. Law and money are inseparable. Interesting, nuanced, and whole characters fleshed out well through a solid, practically flawless script and played to perfection by its stellar cast. I thought this drama was boring but boy, I was wrong!! Think before doing something. Innocence Synopsis and Plot Summary. This drama is sooo funny! All rights reserved. Lastly, it's relevant in today's issues! wow, nana, your acting are getting better in every drama???? I love how this drama touches on social issues. Korean Drama ; Main Page; What's Showing Now; Drama List ; Actor List; Actress List; About us!!! so far one of my favourites this year~. Memories of the Alhambra’s final episode will air tomorrow. This drama portrait so much about politics!!.. She supports herself by taking part-time work. The directing and her acting make this drama super hilarious! I loved how simply the love story was and the chemistry between them was beautiful and easy (dying to see more of those two). I like the chemistry between the two lead actors. Aya Aug 19 2020 10:53 pm looking forward to ep2 tomorrow hehe :)). Loving this drama so far! The other two gossip about the news and pointedly look at Gong-myung when they wonder how Se-ra moved the memorial … Love It! officially finished up in 2009. The Ballot Release Date: 1 July 2020. window.W4GRB = new Object(); Actors are great and the lead casts have great chemistry. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); val Jul 23 2020 3:37 pm Tag - Memorial. Latest Korean Drama To Watch 2021 "Royal Secret Agent" 암행어사 For K-d... rama fans, the upcoming year will be full of treats thanks to a slew of new Korean dramas in 2021. | Privacy Policy | Contact, I love it I hope they end up dating for real,, Best Industrial Development secretary (ep.12), Aeguk Conservative Party representative (ep.2). Ryu Samuël Jun 10 2020 4:19 am Erza Jul 17 2020 10:09 pm Wow, I Love This Drama!! this drama is sooooooooooo good and sooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny. With his supernatural Family, works, tax, friendship, also woman leadership are being told in this drama. Add Comment. Park SH & Nana are amazing. T_T, Irsa Aug 19 2020 1:16 am Yes, this is a cheeky entry as E.R. Claire Aug 13 2020 1:50 pm Story good, actors/actresses best, acting on point, everything so perfect about this drama. Set in the Memorial Hospital in San Antonio, the premise of The Night Shift is somewhat self-explanatory. Amazing drama- I’m addicted to it.. where can I stream its full episodes online please??? riseandshine Jul 30 2020 4:38 am "The Ballot" (Korean: 출사표) is a 2020 South Korean drama series starring "Nana" (Goo Se Ra) and "Park Sung Hoon" (Seo Gong Myung). Watch it , you will enjoy. fun fact: hwang seung ki first met park dong hoon and oh dong min through a kbs drama special: review notebook of my embarrassing days! Aya Jul 25 2020 5:50 am Recounts to the narrative of a legal counselor named Jung In … Lion Heart Aug 07 2020 8:07 am I like that the main actors are not chosen based on the popularity but the required characters. in a Kdrama. Those wondering if they should watch/start on this drama...This Is A Sign For You To Go For It! i screamed when they changed gong myungs hairstyle. boxabum_luv May 31 2020 10:49 pm See more ideas about Watch korean drama, Japanese drama, Korean drama. If you are looking for a sign to watch a new kdrama, this is it: The director does such a great job eliciting the micromannerisms of all the characters. She owned this character!!! The lives of the survivors, those who lost loved ones and those connected to the parties blamed for the tragic event are also marked forever. As my first Nana drama, I did not know what to expect, and let me just tell you that I was shocked. thanks gong myung and goo sera! Koo Se-Ra (Nana) comes from a poor background, but she still manages to have bright personality. Se Ra best girlfriend, she didn't care of his family and she's just so cute when she acts like a noona lmao. Directing and camerawork are a bit different from the usual style of K-dramas, and although I didn't like it at first, it grew on me. Memorial (2020) Comic Book Boy Girl (2020) IN-SEOUL: Season 2 (2020) Synopsis: Awaken. I find her annoying n too much in the beginning, but she slowly became more n more endearing as the only District Rep who cares for the people, Itsi Jul 23 2020 4:57 pm Love this drama so much. Skyung.98 Jul 01 2020 3:24 am Memorist (Korean Drama); 메모리스트; Memoriseuteu; Dong Baek has an extraordinary ability. This has to be one of my favorite dramas & if your reading this, you will love it too ! This drama is really fun to watch when all kdramas end up having similar plot lines this is a twist which turned out well and good. Also, Choi Go! Based on a Korean drama, the actor originally tried to develop the show for CBS, but it never progressed past the development cycle. I love it I hope they end up dating for real Jul 28 2020 6:33 am conclusion, I really loved the eight-week journey of the show. The chemistry between Nana and PSH for this drama is Amazeballs! This is a GEM ❤️ It’s comical yet also has very tender/moving moments. Popular Now !!! One of the best relationships in kdramas. Love this drama, maybe because of Nana's acting as Goo se ra, it suited her so much.. and also the chemistry with the lead actor. Cast: Nana as Koo Se Ra (29 years old) She gets involved, files complaints, comes up with solutions, and finds love at her local borough office. mun yeong Aug 17 2020 4:37 am For Park ShinHye, it was "Doctors" in 2016. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Whew, Park Sung Hoon is not a psycho murderer this time around!! His AR game ID is "zinu" and he is the highest-level player in the game. Its Unusual to see Im Jin Ah in this genre because I always see her in some crime and legal dramas but this is so good for her. The pieces of our protagonists’ past are falling into place and amidst the sweet childhood bond, a dark cloud of tragedy is taking form. loadbox(1); This drama was so refreshing, not the usual rom-com. A Love So Beautiful (Korean: 아름다웠던 우리에게; RR: Areumdawotdeon Uriege; lit. "Eraser in My Head") is a 2004 South Korean film based on the 2001 Japanese television drama Pure Soul.It stars Son Ye-jin and Jung Woo-sung and follows the theme of discovery in a relationship and the burdens of loss caused by Alzheimer's disease. Okki Dokki Jul 11 2020 3:47 am Copyright © 2020 Knn / Contact / About / Privacy policy / Cookies Policy, Knn - Discover your favorite Asian drama, Chances of Going from Friends to Lovers 2020, The Rebel Princess (Chinese Drama 2021) Cast & Summary, KinnPorsche (2021 BL drama) Cast & Summary, Falling in Love With You is The Best Thing I Have Ever Done 2021, Link: Eat, Love, Die (Korean Drama 2021) Cast & Summary, Jade Lovers 2021 (Jade Sweetheart) Synopsis & Cast, Into the Ring, Execution Table, Tupyo, chulsapyo, Northern Expeditions, The Ballot. I do love the chemistry between Nana and Park Sung Hoon. why does the male lead has to be unfriendly all the time? yes! Idk why this drama is kind of underrated internationally , it deserve more love FOR REAL !. ngl this drama truly feels like something straight out of a wes anderson movie. Nana as Goo Se Ra Kim Ha Yun as young Se Ra; Park Sung Hoon as Seo Kong Myung Seo Yoon Hyuk as young Kong Myung; Yoo Da In as Yoon Hee Soo; Han Joon Woo as Kim Min Jae; Ahn Nae Sang as Jo Maeng Duk; Se Ra's family. As a mom copes with the aftermath of … Jungle_fish Aug 21 2020 11:48 pm "The Ballot" (Korean: 출사표) is a 2020 South Korean drama series starring "Nana" (Goo Se Ra) and "Park Sung Hoon" (Seo Gong Myung). List of Best Korean Drama 2020 ; List of Best Korean Drama 2019. Directed by "Hwang Seung Gi", The series aired on "KBS2" from Jul 1, 2020 to Aug 20, 2020, on Wednesdays and Thursdays for 32 episodes. This is especially true for popular Korean dramas, which have given a huge tourism boost to many places previously relatively under the radar. The best drama ever. I'm watching this and now I know that human must stick to the principle. iiitsCamille Jun 29 2020 9:24 am Lets boost the ratings guys..This is totally my 2020 drama <3. Very entertaining story about politics and the leads chemistry is off the charts. Hyun Bin as Yoo Jin Woo Park Shin Hye as Jung Hee Joo Park Hoon as Cha Hyung Seok. Three mighty warriors, Deok Gi (Lee Byung Hun), Seol Rang (Jeon Do Yeon) and Poong Chun (Bae Soo Bin), lead an uprising to fight for freedom from an incompetent king. It’s refreshing to see the female lead character take charge in the skinship/kissing department ? She has no money, no experience, and essentially no hope, until she hears that a position of district representative only works 90 days out of the year and yet still makes a hefty salary. scarletsungrok Sep 18 2020 8:08 am I must say that this is the best romcom drama of the year! 16 episodes for each story. It helped keep the vibe generally light and fun, even while discussing serious social issues. Everyone was just perfect for their roles. Its really binge-able. i cant wait for this ^^ especially because i’m looking forward to sung hoon finally getting to play the main role~~~. I think I haven't seen this kind of directing applied to the whole drama (that close up camera thing). 1 E.R. Drama Title: Memorial 출사표, Execution Table, Tupyo, chulsapyo, Northern Expeditions Released: July 1, 2020 Origin: South Korea Episodes: 32. It's just "Meh", I didn't like it. This drama is actually quite good despite not gaining much attention. Nana is so funny. It got me thinking that Park Sung Hoon will be good to be partner with them, too. Abby Aug 18 2020 8:11 am Owl Lip Aug 14 2020 7:38 pm Theres no words to describe how good this drama is, its not too slow, every scene is so well thought and your are never bored. Synopsis: Seo Gong Myung is the efficient and persistent elite civil servant who is easy to multitask and is called the "Number One Handsome Man" in the District People Committee. Yes don’t trust the ratings. #Memorial #출사표 #Nana #parksunghoon #FancyDrama4USynopsis:Koo Se-Ra (Nana) comes from a poor background, but she still manages to have bright personality. Not only for yourself but also for people who need help. the first episode is already so great!! While laughs and nostalgia oozed from the first episode, the second of the two-part special will turn emotional as the cast remembers Lee Eon. Mail (required but will not be published). Gosh, all the District Reps of Mawon-Gu, Chairman Jo n Chief Won are pathetic civil servants, total disappointments to the voters. Noor Jul 17 2020 6:38 pm the best kdrama in the history of ever. She's always in an action or crime drama so I'm kinda excited to see her on this one. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Korean Drama: My Girl with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at And the OSTs are great. Known as the 'queen of civil complaints', she's a force to be reckoned with! Moonsun Jul 24 2020 6:21 am Instant Watch Options; Genres; Movies or TV; IMDb Rating; In Theaters; On TV; Release Year; Keywords; Prime Video (4) Prime Video (Rent or Buy) (5) Drama (26) Comedy … Nana do a great job portraying the character. Drama Title: Memorial 출사표, Execution Table, Tupyo, chulsapyo, Northern Expeditions Released: July 1, 2020 Origin: South Korea Episodes: 32. jack Aug 10 2020 9:38 am Really excited to see park sung hoon play a lead role in a romantic comedy!! on the side note, nana is effortlessly funny and adorable to the point where i find myself sheepishly giggling at her antiques. Ahn Kil Kang as Goo Young Tae (Se Ra's father) Jang Hye Jin as Kim Sam Sook (Se Ra's mother) Se Ra's friends. Worth your time Aug 16 2020 7:16 pm This drama is good, a must watch if you're tired of the typical cinematography in dramas. She has held many positions in the past, none of which has become a stable source of income. the politics in this drama is not that heavy and i like to watch a drama with simple plot. Not my genre, JDub Aug 22 2020 12:54 am I am so excited! Seo Gong Myung is the efficient and persistent elite civil servant who is easy to multitask and is called the "Number One Handsome Man" in the District People Committee. Love the story, love the actors, love the cinematography! And again — that solid, practically flawless script is just really a work of art. Memorial (2020) Cast, Plot synopsis and brief summary. im hoping they will have a reunion or comeback in their third project in fantasy genre because why not :')) into the ring, fighting! I'm not used to see a drama with wide angle view camera take. Finally a rom-com this time. I haven't seen a drama that has a satisfying ending for a long time. The memorial is moved to Mawon Office storage and the following day, an article is printed on it. BANDIT VON JAVA Jul 23 2020 5:33 pm Kim Yong Rim as Oh Young Shim (Hee Joo’s grandmother) Chanyeol as Jung Se Joo (Hee Joo’s younger brother) – Kim Joon Eui (김준의) as Se Joo (teen) Lee Re as Jung Min Joo (Hee Joo’s younger sister) YUP Jul 18 2020 11:34 pm Honestly, this drama is so gooodddd. [CDATA[ This drama is not captivating if not for Nana who portrayed Koo Sera. No wonder it got the best writing award. the story line is not boring. I can't wait to see the next episodes!! And it has a strong female lead who's not perfect but has such a huge impact. I'm totally gonna love this one... because I love nana!! But later on, I found myself waiting every week for the next episode. However the character developments and the problems that are focused are actually really serious problems similar to the real life (unfortunately). The leads chemistry is everything!!!!!!!! This drama is ridiculously and unexpectedly good. //]]>. hope this drama is can bring a happiness ^^. The Open divisions were the only ones who played a 4th round, and of those divisions only some of the players had a chance at cashing after 50% of the field was cut after Friday’s round at Vista Del Camino. Memories of the Alhambra Season 2 Memories of the alhambra was a breath of fresh air for fans of Korean drama.The combination of Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin combined with the concept of AR brought out something special. Cast. Dizzy. A young girl’s destiny is with a sword. ^^ (Be noted: there are a few from Taiwan slipped in, also!). hyejoochaeeon Jun 22 2020 12:22 am haha. But i wish Nana meet again her other co- star in drama Kill It ..Jang kiyong ?? Summerwinterfall Jul 24 2020 11:18 pm Gong Myung best boyfriend, he was so supportive of Se Ra, and he helped her grow and achieve what she wants for their home. It aired on OCN from October 17 to November 15, 2020, … More Originals. It is a great character. solid and refreshing script and the cast was also really good! Koo Se-Ra ( Nana) comes from a poor background, but she still manages to have bright personality. Oct 30, 2019 - Korean drama, Kdrama, Korean drama series. But at the last minute, Deok Gi betrays them, leading to Poong Chun’s death. I really love how Park Sung Hoon can ace both the psycho CEO character and the good boy slash introverted civil servant. GFRIEND'S MEMORIA, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA Korean Drama, Watch GFRIEND'S MEMORIA eng sub, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA online ep 1, ep 2, ep 3, ep 4, watch GFRIEND'S MEMORIA ep 5, ep 6, ep 7, ep 8, ep 9, ep 10, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA dub drama Cantonese, watch GFRIEND'S MEMORIA ep 11, ep 12, ep 13, ep 14, ep 15, GFRIEND'S MEMORIA drama ep 16, ep 17, ep 18, ep 19, ep 20,Ep … Directed by "Hwang Seung Gi", The series aired on "KBS2" from Jul 1, 2020 to Aug 20, 2020, on Wednesdays and Thursdays for 32 episodes. Their relationship is so healthy, mature, and realistic. Moon Hyun Kyeong writer-nim, I’ll wait for your next project! Cast: Nana as Koo Se Ra (29 years old) She gets involved, files complaints, comes up with solutions, and finds love at her local borough office. and the female lead always poor? many scenes are comedic masterpieces, especially the Goo family. A fun ride from start to finish! I don’t know why the ratings aren’t great bc it’s so much better than most shows out. Hyun Bin Park Shin-hye Park Hoon Kim Yong-rim Chanyeol Lee Re Lee Hak-ju Lee Si-won Kim Eui-sung. The ritual is held … The Wanninkhof Case. don't take a look to the rating or hype. 5_ooo Jun 17 2020 7:44 am Seo Gong Myung is guided by his moral convictions, which he firmly adheres to, and chooses to do everything "according to the book". I Love Kdrama Sep 22 2019 2:11 pm Like she got shot and during the ride to the hospital, she just chilling and having a normal conversation wth. Innocence Detail. "Beautiful World" has cast Park Hee-soon, Choo Ja-hyun, Oh Man-seok and Cho Yeo-jeong as rival parental pairs in a case of school violence. picapica Aug 21 2020 5:17 pm Anne Dec 16 2020 8:02 pm Innocence Detail. This makes the drama even better and they did a really good job at casting from main roles to the supporting roles. This secluded cove can only be accessed by sea or … Kim Yo-han as Cha Heon, cold and awkward but warm-hearted; So Joo-yeon as Shin Sol-i, a bubbly high school student, having crush on her friend Cha Heon; Yeo Hoe-hyun as Woo Dae-seong, a transfer student, good swimmer, falls in love with Sol-i; Jo Hye-joo … ana May 15 2020 5:08 pm i also like how nanas character is spontaneous and cute and made to seem like a total crazy woman but, compared to many other kdrama crazy female leads, she is definitely not that crazy and more natural. looks promising. I actually watched this drama since PSH from Psychopath Diary and Nana whom I watched in The Swindlers is here. But interesting to see her new character... imnana.ina Jun 07 2020 4:31 pm hwang seung ki pd-nim is back again with his unique camera shots and angles!! I love this drama so much. So they meet, © However, he is a cold, rigid and independent person, considered prickly and unapproachable at the best of times. This drama is amazing. ❤️? I love this drama! Koo Se-Ra is famous in her local ward office for constantly filming civil complaints. It's an eye-opener. Every episodes keeps me glued to the screen. They are Amazing couple here. Seo Kong-Myung (Park Sung-Hoon) works as a fifth-grade public officer. really excited for this drama <3, jkynana May 25 2020 3:31 am Also the main leads chemistry are amazing. The flow of the drama is also good and there is no episodes that the pace of drama slows down. We all need a Koo Sera in our lives, especially during these hard times. yes! Light plot, artsy cinematography, and the casts chemistry is superb!!!! I found this confusing when I wanna search it through #hashtag on Instagram. I love this drama ❤️.Can't wait for next episode. Cast Main. Some of the Korean dramas originally scheduled to air in 2020 had their filming schedules interrupted to our dismay, but the good news is that we’ll finally get to watch these new Korean dramas in 2021. With Jun-Ho Lee, Jin-ah Won, Ki-woo Lee, Kang Han-na. for that day according to AGB Nielson. SungNanaFan Aug 09 2020 12:15 am I cant wait for more episodes !! I have hesitated about writing a comment but after seeing the ratings I felt that I have to do it. The trailer kinda gives me this J-movie vibe [Revenge Girl].. looking forward to see this, I haven't seen Nana for a while. "Where are our taxes?" eh2000 Jul 06 2020 9:25 pm Is Jul 05 2020 9:17 am The storyline and the dialogue are interesting too. The Ballot Release Date: 1 July 2020. 1 Synopsis 2 Cast 3 Soundtrack 4 Episodes 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 References The story of a man who became a neurosurgeon though he dreamed of becoming a cook, and a woman who became a cook because of him. i’ve seen some behind clips of the main leads and they are so cute together!!! Nana and SungHoon Oppa have a great chemistry here. The Mawon-Gu Municipal Office/Assembly is not a good place to work in... Only Koo Sera who initially applied for the job just for the salary is worthwhile. Deok Gi tries to persuade Seol Rang to join his side, but she flees with Poong Chun’s baby … Nothing to say to the cast. Television provides a window to the world, allowing us a glimpse of wonderful destinations we might never have known about otherwise. Fighting! Nana fighting? See more ideas about korean drama series, korean drama, drama. The Best rom-com drama of the Year. thank you and keep it up writers! orangutann Jul 02 2020 8:28 am :). Title: 달의 연인 – 보보경심: 려 / Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Chinese Title: 月之戀人-步步驚心:麗 Early Title: 달 Even if you are not a fan of Korean dramas, some of the filming locations are so stunning, they just beg to … the plot, the casts, everything about this drama is great! Park Sung Hoon made me root for Gong Myung. Superb! As they find themselves embroiled in a new complaint which seems to point towards a troubling coverup, their antagonist puts a more aggressive plan in motion. Cool guy, superb acting. A young girl’s destiny is with a sword. This is the first drama of Nana that I'm seeing, and I like how she's portraying her quirky but morally astute character. At least they might meet at the KBS Award later this year. I have to say, you won’t regret watching any minute of this drama. This drama is really crazy and funny with Sera. Sparks begin to fly when newly relegated Seo Gong Myung and new councilor Goo Se Ra join forces to punish corrupt politicians. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); his previous hairstyle made him look like a whole egg and we know sung hoon is more handsome than that loll ^^ in terms of the drama, I loved it a lot, the main cast was great and the chemistry was soo good :), kwenie Sep 06 2020 9:36 pm I was thoroughly enamored with the entire cast, not just our leads, and that speaks volumes to the writing and acting. JKNIJN May 15 2020 12:10 pm For an NIS agent, Haeri is sure a weak one but, she seems improved in the latest ep. This show is very good. Then I found out he already did a drama special with SoMin. I went from watching because of Nana to continuing to watch because of the amazing cast… Goo Se Ra is a lower-class woman with little education or money, but can still talk a good game and go way beyond her own weight. Chocolate is a 2019/2020 Korean drama about a neurosurgeon who wanted to become a cook and a woman who became a cook because of him. I love the leads so much Nana & Park Sung-Hoon outdid themselves. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); Other people do not like him due to his unfriendly personality. I picked this up on a whim so I didn't have any expectations coming in, but wow, it's a lot of fun! Rinji Jul 23 2020 8:28 am I laughed, smiled and cried with them throughout this whole drama & im not even capping, something about the love they share with each other is a different type of love you dont get in other RomComs ^^.^^. EXO's ChanYeol also got a minor role in the drama and many are curious to see him. I love this drama. katz Jul 24 2020 10:50 pm Into The Ring. nana fan Jul 01 2020 8:03 pm I Love This Drama So Much. Pls dont trust the ratings. I'll be honest, I decided to watch Into the Ring because I heard Nana was starring as the main role. Nana's expressions as Se-ra are adorable. I love "wacky" Koo Se-Ra. it's good. The Memorial Championships presented by Discraft finally came to an end on Saturday after 4 long days of competitive play in Scottsdale and Fountain Hills. Our heroine was warned that there are two sides to every person and as those true colors come to light, some are revealed for the better while others are exposed as … Continue reading "Memorials: Episode 14" 5 Cast; 6 Production Credits; 7 Episode Ratings; 8 Recognitions; 9 External Links; Details. The leads have amazing chemistry and are supported by awesome veteran actors/actresses. Yes! I would really be happy with a character like him?. "The Ballot" is already familiar in my head since the day they announced the confirmed leads. Great work offscreen n onscreen teams! Wish I'd see them interact or have a new project in the future, but the chance isn't that big, but I'll still hope for it since they had a past project before this. Cast. Go girl! I looooveeeee this drama soooo much. See more ideas about kdrama, korean drama, drama. Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Mathew Denn ... SS Driver: Sean Dooley ... Sgt Jack O'Hara: Fredrika Dukes ... Pfc. violet Aug 20 2020 12:38 pm Feb 16, 2012 - I am addicted to watching Korean Dramas..and some Japanese ones, too! query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); Onscreen and offscreen chemistry is so good as well. Do not judge this drama by its ratings!!! Some of the Korean dramas originally scheduled to air in 2020 had their filming schedules interrupted to our dismay, but the good news is that we’ll finally get to watch these new Korean dramas in 2021. The chemistry of the leads was surprisingly good. Jongmyodaeje, Korea’s Royal Ancestral Memorial Rite, is a traditional ritual that has been recognized with many important designations. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); Besides the shining good looks of the lead actors and actresses, the places in which some of the drama’s most beautiful moments were filmed at glittering jewels in their own right. He gets involved with Koo Se-Ra. To Us Who Were Beautiful) is a South Korean short form drama based on a 2017 Chinese series of the same name, which is based on novel To Our Pure Little Beauty by Zhao Qianqian, which aired on Tencent Video. I love them both. Looking forward to the next episode. Rawan Jun 13 2020 12:30 pm Korean drama (TV & Film) by coicoy | created - 30 Sep 2013 | updated - 16 Nov 2019 | Public Korean film and television I've seen and enjoyed Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. There was such a wonderful juxtaposition between the two dads as Se-ra’s is a slightly overbearing, tough-love, gruff teddybear who adores his daughter despite the headaches her antics cause while Gong-myung’s has a perfect genteel image only … Characters: 10/10 (Nana, PSH, need I say more?

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