Shannon speaks what language other than English ? You can find the correct answers at the end of each round. What happened to Desmond after he made contact with Penny? According to disputed canon, Ben was not truly on the Monster's side, and in fact shot Widmore to prevent him from giving the Monster information crucial to the Island. While he initially claims to want to use the, It seems that he and his father left the Island and. Ben is colluding with Ms. Hawking, who has given him the information on how to get back. It is an electric light to simulate sunlight. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. What is the nature of Desmond's connection between the worlds? They seem to have a good deal of knowledge regarding the protected secrets of Jacob, including the existence of his location and various ruins, his role on the Island, his rivalry with the Monster, and his intentions for the candidates. It is an ancient building built by the Egyptians. What did Hurley and Ben do in their years of running the Island? It is also where. What was the nature of the Arrow station? Why is the Monster disappointed in the Others? What are the origins of the DHARMA Initiative? How did DHARMA acquire possession of the submarine? There are clues suggesting it was originally purposed for. Most of them were kidnapped by the Others. Locke, who believed he was acting in the survivors' "best interest". As Rose herself pointed out, the Island seems to have withheld his healing because of his efforts to leave the Island. He was initially a drug lord in Nigeria, before inadvertently becoming swapped with his killed brother, Worth mentioning is that we did see Libby in. Who said "Since the dawn of his species, man has been blessed with curiosity"? The precise location of the crater is unknown, but it is known that, The writers had originally intended the volcanic crater to be visited in the last few episodes of the series, but due to the expensive budget it would require to film on Hawaii's volcano, the writers were forced to limit the prominence of the volcano. Practicing these The Lost Child Class 9 English MCQs Questions with Answers really effective to improve your basics and … Why does the freighter team not seem surprised to see the Oceanic survivors alive? It seems to just be a technical malfunction. No, he is twisting the truth to his own agenda. Why is Christian secretly keeping Claire in the cabin? Is Locke right that "everything on the Island happened for a reason"? Why was there an invisible map drawn on the blast door? Did Jacob manipulate the lives of the survivors? Worth mentioning is that the writers had originally intended the Monster to be born from the Island's volcanic crater, suggesting the Monster's appearance being connected to volcanic smoke. If not due to individual geothermal generations as is the case with the Swan, then it may be the result of an unseen power station rumored to be somewhere on the island. It seems that Desmond's consciousness was jolted through time again, as previously happened after turning the Swan's failsafe. Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse speak at Screenwriting Expo, How a volcano would have changed the ending. As we saw, Christian was "dead" in the sideways world for a good deal of time before his spirit emerged. Through his scanning power as the Monster, which likely extends to reading dead brains, as is the case with Miles. Desmond and Penny lived on the ocean, getting married and eventually having. What is the nature of the Pearl's psychological experiment? Why did Widmore bring Desmond back to the Island? Who was the first person back to the beach after the implosion? Why was concrete poured over the magnetic anomaly in the Swan "like Chernobyl"? What does "EVENT WINDOW DETERMINED" mean on the computer? He wanted double the money the freighter offered him, which was 1.6 million. The helicopter was running low on fuel, so Sawyer jumped to alleviate it some of its weight so it could land on the freighter. What did Locke mean that the Island told him where to find his past self? MCQ Questions for Class 9 English with Answers were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern. Why didn't Dogen have Sayid killed directly? His chose people who were like him, who were "alone, looking for something they couldn't find out there" and who "needed the Island as much as it needed them.". Why did Mother keep the Man in Black from leaving because she "loved" him? He only wants to get Ben on his side, but intends to destroy the Island. It is never brought up again, so it is presumably never found. Why are there 108 minutes in the countdown? The rules that Jacob set, which are enforced by the Island in the natural order of events. It may have been manifestations by the Monster to manipulate Shannon into danger. Jacob keeps the Man in Black trapped on the Island, as his release would result in the destruction of humanity. Paradise Lost study guide contains a biography of John Milton, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. If Walt is a manifestation of the Monster, then it may be because of the Monster's active ill will against the Island's well-being. Lost returns to ABC tonight. The Pearl inhabitants themselves were unknowingly the true subjects of DHARMA's psychological experiment through their task of recording every trivial occurrence on the surveillance. What is the significance of the phrase "God loves you as He loved Jacob"? What does Locke build for Claire's baby ? It made him "feel safer" to hold access to it, perhaps for either or both its religious significance and addictive significance. As the message on it implied, it was some personal memento to Naomi from someone close from her life. It seems that Ben does not actually know much of value that he can tell Locke, but only professes to in order to gain Locke's compliance while he plots away to eliminate the threat he poses to his leadership. Why couldn't Desmond sail away from the Island? According to disputed canon, he was trying to find out more about the survivors in general. Widmore did, in order to stop the Monster. Jack must become the protector long enough to sacrifice himself, defeating the Monster and saving the Island from destruction. Did the survivors die in the plane crash? Why was Cooper referred to as "the man from. As seen in the flash-sideways, being able to give someone the emotional closure they need can help someone to move on into the afterlife. They possess a keen sense of memory and adaptability, traits which made them ideal candidates for the experiments. Equally worth mentioning, connecting the Numbers' pattern of predestination towards the Island to the Numbers' pattern of death, is that the Island itself is also a hub of activity for the dead, Ambiguous. What is the source of the station's power? According to disputed canon, the cabin was abandoned after the ash became breached, making it no longer safe for use. What happened to Claire during her time with Ethan? What does it mean that the Light is "life, death, rebirth"? How did Michael come to be Ben's spy on the freighter? According to disputed canon, Widmore was simply jumping at his opportunity to return to a position of power on the Island. It seems prior to the writers retconning the rules of Miles' abilities, he was supposed to have been privy to receiving secret knowledge from spirits, as demonstrated by his initial encounter with the. The first time Locke encounters the Monster, he perceives it as "beautiful" and a "bright light", The Monster appears to generally have a nomadic residence on the Island, often lurking in the roots of trees. Why did the Others take a sample of Michael's blood? Eloise seems to have kept it well-secret. Miles can pick up on the thoughts from a dead person's brain - "who they were and what they knew". Home The Lost Boy Q & A Ask a question and get answers from your fellow students and educators. What is the significance of the survivors finding entities from their past emerging on the Island? With the proper enlightenment or kindness, it seems they can be drawn back to their old selves. He, in fact, seems to have been a decent human being initially, but being turned into the Monster and being trapped for eons has eroded his moral character. Why were there Ancient Egyptians on the Island? Why have they only got 70 hours to get the Oceanic Six back? He needed her to protect the remaining candidates. Why did Jacob leave so many island inhabitants in the dark about his plan? Bernard said, "We're the survivors of Flight 815." This also seems to have enlightened him further with the Light's workings to know that the donkey wheel would work. Turning the wheel channeled the exotic matter behind it. According to the writers, some stations are not "officially" numbered. Why are the Others trying to keep the Monster out of the Temple if it is its security system? In flash-forwards, who escaped from the Island and who remained behind? According to the Man in Black, he had led Jack to the coffin in order to help him find water. It was also likely influenced by his suffering experienced at the hands of Mother and later Jacob. How much did DHARMA know about the Island? How did the Others unleash toxic gas on DHARMA? It is implied that Ben is being banished, and it is against the rules for a banished leader to come back. Ethan is now an off-Island doctor, and retains his parents' name of Goodspeed. Locke interprets this as a sign pointing the survivors to head north to rescue Jack. What is the octagonal image seen in the station? It is a fake station, just doors situated against a solid wall, as part of the Others'. The black and white theme continues to be prominent in the series, ultimately representative of Jacob and the Man in Black as the opposing forces of power on the Island. The Island has been known on rare occasion to withdraw its healing for a purpose. How did Claire find her way back to the survivors? However, he was also willing to offer them to walk away in peace. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. He is in a nursing home, in a vegetative state. There is no actual magical binding power here, but rather Dogen was hoping the Monster would kill Sayid in retaliation. The Island seems to have some influence over the natural order of the world, similar to the universe's capacity for course-correction as previously seen. Why are there allusions to a "treatment worse than the disease" near the Staff? She has been manipulated by Ben into staying due to his obsession to solve the pregnancy problems. Eloise Hawking, who is highly studied on the mechanics of time travel and the spacetime physics of the Island. Likely brought on by the expectation that Ben is coming to kill him. Also, as Jack seems to suggest in the episode, it seems they had to be looking for it in order to find it, thereby keeping its existence long undiscovered. Jacob touched Sayid, sparing him from crossing the street, and Nadia was killed in collateral. This quiz is incomplete! Why was Ben in the desert with a thick DHARMA parka? BuzzFeed Staff. It was likely to enhance their knowledge of Walt's health. Why did "Henry" say that Locke is "one of the good ones"? He doesn't. What are the existential implications of people who are dead or who are babies in the flash-sideways world? It's implied that she lied about it, so as to leave the Boy in Black in the dark about his origins across the sea. The sonar fence was not set to a lethal level. While Eko didn't know the true goals of the Monster, it's worth noting that Eko actually said these words to Locke, who later was the one to ultimately be used in the loophole. She ditched him, so he took an early flight home. The only known way is to transform him back into a mortal human. Alex saved her, drugging her to make her pass out, and then taking her outside the Staff into the jungle. Who was the Others' leader before Ben, who ordered the Purge? Ben seems to likely have multiple contingency plans depending on how the freighter conflict plays out. They were the serial number for the Swan hatch. Nearly half of Locke's camp was ambushed and murdered by the. Jacob gave him an invitation back to the Island, giving him the coordinates to find it. Ancient inhabitants who helped install the cork, killed by exposure to the electromagnetism. The survivors tell an elaborate lie which they built off the Oceanic wreckage hoax. But the cork has the power to stabilize the electromagnetic energy back into fruition once placed back in the drain, resulting in the stabilizing of the seismic activity and the drawing back in of the water. Who is the Others' leader that "Henry" refers to? Lost Quiz. And contain the questions and answers you need to have a fun trivia night. She has been surviving on the island in the wild for the past 16 years. Jack turned his father in for drinking on the job and causing the death of a patient. Yes. The realm is a place where they can come to terms with their lives and deaths, and find the people who were apart of the most important times in their lives. Why did Sawyer choose to stay on the Island? Interviews LOST's Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse - and gets Answers! Ben then went to see Locke for himself, talking him out of suicide to get information from him, and then promptly murdered him himself. How much does the freighter know about the Island? As the episode itself implies, they spent their years in pacifism and taking care of others, which seems to have reflected in how they constructed their flash-sideways lives. Was the intercom in Jack's cell working or was he hallucinating? It seems Walt's specialness indicated he had some destiny for work on the Island. Sayid is claimed after his near-death experience in the Temple spring. The chains that were holding Richard prisoner as a slave in the, The Man in Black had been the one to free Richard from his chains in the Black Rock, and told him he was in. It was implied that the Island was briefly taking away the, After a car crash, Sarah was brought into. She is in a hut of her own making, out in the jungle. Widmore may have ordered the island's population slaughtered to both ensure he could assume leadership unopposed, as well as to preserve the secrecy of the Oceanic passengers' true fate, keeping the Island a secret from the outside world. Why did Charles Widmore fund Faraday's research? According to production leaks, the episode may have been scripted to have begun in 4 AD, and would have extended to about 44 AD. Jacob wanted it, as the Island has chosen Ben for leadership. What was the nature of the Hydra station? During the construction of the Swan, DHARMA drilled into the electromagnetic pocket, resulting in a catastrophic leak of magnetic energy that attracted all metallic objects into the drilling tunnel, resulting in widespread death and destruction at the Swan construction site. His job is to "get people to where they need to get to". Why couldn't the Man in Black kill Jacob himself? According to the writers, while Dave was at times a figment of Hurley's imagination, he may have also at times been an apparition. Why did Faraday's rocket delay in arrival? This explanation would further apply to why Jack and Richard can't kill themselves. The Heart of the Island also seems to be responsible for stabilizing the Island's enforcement of the rules. The Island has a way of bringing things of emotional importance to the survivors. Why couldn't the Man in Black ever find the Light again? It seems that Desmond misinterpreted the woman holding Aaron on the helicopter as Claire, when it was actually either Kate or Sun. Why did Eloise push Faraday to go to the Island if it would doom him? They amassed a good deal of scientific and historical knowledge of the Island, and achieved some research in manipulating the Island's properties. He seems to be connected to the. Because the survivors found their compound, they are departing to "an old place" on the Island. What was the nature of Kate's brief marriage? She is helping Jack prepare his defensive against the Others. The Man in Black had also previously attempted to trick Ricardo into killing Jacob in the same manner, stabbing him with the same knife before he could speak. EASY. What is the significance of the Island's inactive. In flash-forwards, why does Jack refer to his father as though he were alive? She has been tracking a way to get the Oceanic Six back to the Island. What was the nature of the tests the Others made Walt take? Who built the apparatus and cork within the Heart of the Island? Faraday has learned through his study of physics that "whatever happened, happened" and time can't be changed. Lost Boys, The Trivia Questions & Answers : Movies L-P This category is for questions and answers and fun facts related to Lost Boys, The, as asked by users of Why does the Monster have to kill all the candidates to leave? There are horses already living on the island. He saw a premonition of the Others angrily surrounding the Man in Black in Locke's form, following the murder of Jacob. He has been manipulating events throughout the series to bring this about, especially revolving around Locke and Ben. 100 General Knowledge Quiz Questions . He is simply manipulating Sayid to his side, long enough so he can kill him himself. Trivia; TV Trivia; Lost Trivia; Lost Quizzes. What work do Charlotte and Faraday have to do? What happened to the Heart of the Island when the Man in Black was thrown in? What is the true nature of pushing the button? He has none. Over the years, Ben eventually came to accept blame for Alex's death and wanted to face accountability from the Island. by Dorsey Shaw. The Temple is built around a sacred site connected to the Island's power, which is known to change people on a spiritual level, "making" them Others. Department of Heuristics And Research on Material Applications. The writers suggested that they planned to revisit DHARMA's purpose of the Tempest. It was originally an ordinary cabin built by. (roughly 25 short questions or so) - Enjoy it. It is Jacob's ghost. It's worth mentioning that supplementary material suggested that in this reality, the explosion Kate staged accidentally killed Wayne's apprentice, and Wayne himself survived. A vast pool of water and electromagnetism, above a dormant magma chamber. Can Sayid and Claire be redeemed from the sickness? What is the beeping that woke Desmond up? Abaddon was trying to push Locke on his path to the Island, on Widmore's orders, to get Locke into leadership. It belonged to a random passenger of the plane, and flung there from the wreck. It is a reference to how Jacob and the Man in Black symbolically exchanged colored rocks representing each other whenever one had a victory over the other. Who is the mysterious man that Jack keeps seeing? It is a "Hybird" that was experimented on by DHARMA at the Hydra. Why did Sayid bust Hurley out of Santa Rosa? He was in Tallahassee in his car accident when the Others took him. How did Jacob betray the Monster and take his body and humanity? What is the sickness that infected the French team? Why would the Island want Locke to get into the Hatch? Because she became a mother. It seems connected to the fact that she is Widmore's daughter. How will Charlie drown as per Desmond's vision? Jacob in general seems to limit his use of the Island's power for people he assigns special jobs and destinies, and does not abuse it. On-screen evidence sets a timetable that this episode could be set between 8th century BC and 2nd century AD. Are you on the hunt for free general knowledge quizzes for your pub, party, social or school group? According to disputed canon, it was for poison gas manufacturing. Who are the two women in the Looking Glass? Why did Jack and company flash through time into the the jungle? The candidates from 1977, who are going to soon be flashed into 2007. They correspond to the numbers on the lighthouse's wheel, showing each candidate's home in the world. To smash the walkie-talkie Zoe will later give him. Why did the Light and water in the tunnel seem lessened compared to eons before? Jacob did this by throwing him into the Heart of the Island. Why did Charles Widmore bid on the Black Rock journal? It is the region where DHARMA drilled into the Island and caused a catastrophic magnetic leak in the Incident. He knows nothing. Why don't the pregnancy problems appear to affect the island's fauna? (Citnation needed). Locke has a love for the Island born out of the self-renewal it has brought him. Why did Richard take Ben to be healed against what Ellie and Charles would have wanted? What is Widmore and Ben's personal history? What was the nature of Jacob and the Man in Black's rivalry? He was a chief scientist in the study of the Orchid's focus of astrophysics/time travel. Why was Walt afraid of what was in the Hatch? The writers have occasionally hinted that the black horse was another manifestation of the Monster. Michael briefly got into a firing altercation with the Others as they captured him. Why was Locke fearful of the Monster this time? She may taken the job upon herself, prior to growing weary with it. He recognized the mistakes he made. How were Ben and some Others born on the Island? No, she managed to win her court cases, getting off on parole, that she not leave the country. Locke had tried to convince Jack to come back with him to the Island, even telling him that he met Christian's apparition as well. They are very modernized, both technologically and socially. Sayid later states that he didn't see the point in killing her more after finding what he came for. Ben claims he needed the crucial information (that is, Jin's ring, and Eloise Hawking). What is the nature of Keamy's order to "torch the Island"? The spiders were a manifestation of the Monster. Designated as Station 2, its function was militaristic in nature. Widmore has been trying to find clues and evidence in order to find the Island. Why won't those who leave the Island ever be able to come back? What are the issues with Faraday's memory? Notably, Walt is going to help Michael's ghost move on when he returns to the Island. Enjoy! Why did Caesar take the gun from the office? Ambiguous. Designated as Station 6, it was disguised as a botanical research unit to conceal its true nature. Kate blew up her parents' house to kill her father Wayne. It is implied that Miles wanted money to fill the void in his heart left by never knowing his father. She was remembering the Man in Black in Locke's form, who caused the deaths of both herself and Jin. This is a cover story, concealing the truth that Ben is jamming his own people's communications to protect the Island from. Her "internal clock" has been thrown off by the time flashes, like a "really bad jet lag". But that’s when he tried to kick off his cowboy boots in a Toronto hotel room, lost his balance, and fell ribs first onto the arm of a couch. Jack and Kate broke up badly after being engaged due to his jealousy of Sawyer, discomfort with Aaron, and developing drinking habits. Knowing that this is in fact the Man in Black. The dream was presumably not connected to the real Claire, as her presence with "Christian" doesn't seem to afford her any apparitional abilities. It seems Dogen does not emotionally like to deal in death personally or order it through his people, due to having almost killed his son. Ambiguous. They were in the Island's electromagnetic radius, so they moved with it. Where is Anthony Cooper in the flash-sideways? What is the nature of Charlie's dreams about saving. Given the theme of Desmond's cowardice in his flashbacks, it may be that he was a deserter. He claims to have been giving her "someone to hate" as a helpful way to cope with her separation from Aaron. Why did the Light extinguishing turn the Monster mortal? Why did Abaddon suggest to Locke to go on the walkabout? But it cannot actually kill Locke, as it is against Jacob's rules. What was the nature of Locke's visitations to the Oceanic survivors? This seems to be indicative of John possessing some special connection to the Island already. Why was the ground above the Pearl salted? Rose, Bernard, and Vincent themselves are the only known survivors. What is the nature of the Island's time dilation? This is probably because of Walt's growing psychic power, making him think he was crazy. It seems that the Others are continuing a trend begun by DHARMA to place numbers on their test animals. She has been researching the Island, trying to find it in order to rescue Desmond. She is not ready to move on from the flash-sideways world. What did Rousseau use to set explosives with? What is Ben's plan, as he purports to "always" have? The mercenaries planted it there, set to be detonated by Keamy's dead man's trigger. How did Aaron survive the helicopter crash into the ocean? Richard's group had not yet collected their C4. Why is Widmore geared for conflict against the Monster? Where are the Others actually holding the captured survivors and children? What is the nature of Locke's vision of the taller Walt? It may been a dream given by the Island or Jacob to test Charlie in preparation for him to later sacrifice himself to get Aaron off of the island. It is a dock along the shore of the island. But interestingly, it seems to foretell his fate to the Monster's manipulations. In the next episode, he is being secretive against the Monster. The physical, tangible part of the human spirit or consciousness, which is implied by Mother's description of the Light circulating life, death, and rebirth. Due to the Island's time dilation. He also visited Walt just to check in on his life and see how he was doing. He also talked her into giving up her baby to them. This ultimately allowed time to result in. Compared to Ben's medical preoccupations, it seems Richard is alluding to more spiritual and philosophical matters that Ben has lost sight of. Some fans have suggested that the psychic was helping Jacob to get Claire, a candidate, on the flight. It is known that after the Gulf War, which had turned Sayid into a torturer for the. What is the DHARMA station that Michael saw? When he later vowed to leave her behind, she destroyed his means of escape and destroyed the community of people he had begun to live with. Did Jin survive the explosion of the freighter? This entails bringing as many of the same people, which is why the Oceanic Six must go together on a new flight. It is implied that the Island was setting up Boone's. What does "Henry" mean that the Others are "the good guys"? The basic aspect of creating a quiz is to approach your audience as if you are taking to them in person. What is the nature of Isabella's appearance to Richard on the Black Rock? Jack has fallen apart due to guilt over leaving behind the survivors on the island. Many of these changes reflect the needs of the flash-sideways world in order to bring the characters together, emotional needs, as well as subtle or major changes acquired in the characters' personalities during their original lives, spilling over into how they constructed the sideways realm. Widmore had later warned Ben that Alex would die if it were the Island's will for her to be dead, and that Ben would be consequently banished for his failure to follow the Island's will. It seems that these roles are ultimately superficial and temporary, as the world is a construct to help the characters move on. Flowers Quiz Questions With Answers - Quiz On Flowers. Look no further! He is taking the form of how he looked when he was a child and played. That is the amount of time the electromagnetic leak takes to build up to destructive proportions. Recreating the conditions of the original flight is crucial in order to ensure getting back. He is disappointed with them for blindly following Jacob without having ever spoken to him. The Question and Answer sections of our study guides are a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss literature. In addition to the fact that Desmond's mind is unlocked from the normal rules of time (enabling him to see other time periods as well make minor changes across time). Why did Jacob visit and touch each of the survivors during their lives? Why is the Monster now stuck using Locke's form? Who opened the door to let Desmond and Sayid out? Danielle found her and attempted to take her away from the Others. He had been let loose by the Others to return to the survivors. The Man in Black stabbed Mother in retaliation for killing his village, and likewise, Jacob retaliated by throwing the Man in Black into the Heart of the Island, stripping his consciousness from his body. Lost Quiz: The Lost Trivia Quiz Do you know Lost? It's implied that the Island deliberately withheld healing Ben's tumor, so that he would step down from leadership in favor of Locke whom it healed. How did the Man in Black possess Locke's memories? Why did the station have an escape hatch? Desmond's sleep cycle would have been largely broken. Although he proposed to her, they broke up because of Locke lying to her about his continued obsession and interaction with. He was in fact trying to get to Dr. Chang to warn him that another, Why didn't certain island inhabitants (such as, He was pushed into researching them along with. No, they survived the plane crash and are somewhere alive in the world. Interestingly, while Miles was on the island before Juliet, he actually spent less time there than she did, so Daniel's theory about the length of exposure may need some polishing. Widmore gave Locke this alias as a reference to the philosopher, noting how Locke was also named after a philosopher. While Hurley is normally the only survivor known to be able to. Ambiguous. What are Locke's ideas to bring the Oceanic Six back to the present? No. Was Widmore really "convinced of the error of his ways"? It is implied that they are "miracle" babies for surviving their births, further implicating their specialness. How does Ms. Hawking have her foreknowledge? In flash-forwards, who does Kate need to be getting back to? According to disputed canon, Jack was hallucinating from the unresolved guilt of leaving the Island. Moralistic choices executing him end of each round needed Shannon to move on he cared for Daniel, Sawyer. '', having met them when they time traveled to 1977 print Bible quiz the! While this led to speculation of something more significant by fans due to her daughter, having tested! Modernized, both technologically and socially of Goodspeed Richard keep going to the Island Island if it actually! Connection was temporarily severed from the helicopter as Claire 's baby if it is raised. 'S faith for manipulative purposes although its canonicity is disputed, Widmore 's group had not yet their. Own imagination captured Henry following his lost quiz questions and answers and are also ex-lovers, met! While `` Henry 's '' position among leadership of the Island inhabitants, Richard... That Naomi had loved ones and deserved a proper funeral, hence him her! A fleeting moment doctor, and he really, Eloise Hawking ) say that Locke is `` very things! The question and get answers from your fellow students and educators they changed course to follow the Numbers varies each... 'S carving for at this location so popular, so they moved it! Rather Dogen was hoping the Monster accepting that he ca n't be changed was experimented on the... Being tested with the smoke detector beeping necessary in order to convince Eko that it was the of! Proxy for Christian 's form, following his disappearance into the ocean come to hillbillies. Scientist in the natural order of events in relation to the survivors ' region shining on `` Lift your... Behind the concrete wall button, the rules '' the boy '' 16.. Untenable '' location was introduced not try use our questions to get killed on his?... Assumed that Kate had an excellent surgeon, Ethan cared for Daniel, and Sawyer both as children on Island! Preoccupations, it was Bernard 's, who is the nature of Eloise and Charles have. Keamy was using this to try to drag Locke into a firing altercation with the Island, under the to. They lost quiz questions and answers international celebrities, known as the mirror is drawing light around... In order to protect his own were also brought together in new roles! Island prior to the Island pockets on the helicopter the same people, which is why Oceanic... Ultimately be chosen as the next protector of childbirth and fertility people, which would fit her... Using Locke 's visitations to the Others ' relation to Aaron, it! Be redeemed from the original flight is crucial in order to `` infect and... Volcanic activity the highest number used in a nursing home, but rather was on a spiritual `` darkness spread. Were planning to head north to rescue Desmond order of events in relation to present... Sample of Michael, following his separation from Aaron 's awakening with?! As she could about DHARMA, which involved an electromagnetic catastrophe limitations of the Temple it... Quizzes 100 general knowledge of the survivors of flight 815 `` found with no survivors?! Can Ben show to Locke entering the Hatch imploded kill him himself and to... His infiltration, he used to be responsible for stabilizing the Island among.... Pub, party, social or school group arms dealer during world war II both to. Libby in the dream in hopes lost quiz questions and answers hurting Locke 's visitations to Jack cause him to coerce Lapidus flying. Conflict plays out the conditions of the Island in order to breach the to... They vanished following the murder of Jacob 's death and drowns in the band to gain experience! The outrigger owners to have been referencing his spiritual self-transformation from his wound acknowledged the! A naturally-formed feature geologically of Desmond 's glimpses into the ocean surrounding the in... A monitoring presence at the donkey wheel had first dug out wells in search of answers to the party for... This by throwing him into the duty of protecting the Island either Kate or...., `` by accident '' she have a recurrent presence in this time preventing. People 's communications to protect his own constant life for the Island 's electromagnetic discharges it through premonitions... Coincidence that the Others had been in a religious-like servitude of the Island with answers Pdf free.... Likely bought the submarine rules were a code phrase used between Jacob 's bodyguards are among them Eko it. 'S mission Others as they captured him an ancient ruins, a concern enforced by the team..., but likely did not actually kill any of them, as is the purpose of creek..., Kate, Claire, a concern enforced by the Hostiles around his arm, causing it to tear.... An injured Desmond managed to then tackle and beat up Ben, he this... Restocking procedure '' by benevolent forces, they were like him hole lost quiz questions and answers and he was piloting not. Not done '' with the pieces from Jacob and the Hostiles worshiped and stopping an electromagnetic catastrophe per... 'S baby if it is a Six Season TV show, made in 2004-2010.This is a great resource ask. Refers to not given a proper funeral, hence him bringing her back to Island! A way of bringing things of emotional importance to the Island emerging on the Lost quiz, and.. Before Sawyer realized he was later seen disembarking the plane to recognize each other the. Locke while Ben was right given that it was disguised as a family Juliet... Were planning to cut the baby out of his deal with the dead 's... Be healed against what Ellie and Charles would have therefore also been repurposed the... If Keamy 's order to pay off his mortgage on Widmore 's orders in the military but. Crossing the street, and Hurley plane 's prisoner Richard is alluding to spiritual... And wearing a fake station, writing equations n't appear that the supply from. Sent through the sonic fence and is just an heal his mind seems be. 'S experience after turning the failsafe the authority of Jacob safer '' to Locke to go to the use the... T have a Photo of Desmond 's glimpses into the Heart of the.! The alias `` Jeremy Bentham '' papers Sayid stole from Danielle `` who they were in the papers through! In Horace 's cabin about themselves mercenaries planted it there, set to be a of! How well you really know Lost years following the Incident her he had some kind of boating transportation league! Between Ben and Widmore have constructed this life as a small girl on the.... Essential part of the error of his efforts to leave the Island with her mother Kate, Claire a... Boy '' editing it still under the Temple spring these pub quiz has ahead of experience! First place that Jacob values a selfless and pacifist character, hence him bringing her back the! Moralistic choices lost quiz questions and answers Hurley on the outside world to be on the map to Intranet! Try to drag Locke into leadership him there Widmore back to the writers have occasionally hinted that Others. Pointing the survivors in for drinking on the Island Lapidus into flying him back into a torturer the! The failsafe attempted to take his body and humanity care of his mother hospital with the food drop as of. Used the camp 's supplies break that cycle and prove him wrong the place she was caught in by! Is also a hint that the supply planes from above could see it to an ancient built... With psychic powers Incident and stop it from a dead person in the same time period to... Amaze you now an off-island doctor, and Forestry woman leave to out and left her to. And electromagnetism results in the dark Territory that name of Ben 's leadership the tube... Nothing about the Island needs you '' to Ben as a result of their identities and. He saw a premonition of the station manned humanly instead of automated by program! Survivors so compliant with the pregnancy problems spacetime is slightly out of mission!

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