When she re-enters the normal world, anything smeared will be pushed along the direction of the smear. No shading, no different lighting to give things nuances to their colors; I. "We're working to get more of the process automated, so we can free up more of ourself for more contracts, but as it is, demand is high.". He asked. 1.3 Adagio Three Capes a Caping, Two Good Friends, One Majorette and a New Face is Meeting Our T. You must log in or register to reply here. This seems like it's going to be a real good story. The Protectorate hadn't mentioned that in the file. "Penny for your thoughts? Please consider turning it on! Lots of tiny drones. Taylor frowned. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). Spoiler: Malkavians In Brief Omakes: Rolyat's Visit by SirWill A Father's Pride by Seclorum But before she can make enough to be a serious hero, she'll need some starting capital, and that's much easier to do as a villain TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Taylor the Shopkeeper Summary: In a world without Endbringers, Taylor just wanted to run her store in peace. Contessa is working behind the scenes recruiting the woman who would've been Bakuda to the Protectorate as Starburst, and using her gadgets to eliminate the Slaughterhouse Nine and Nilbog, all of which is made possible by the jailbreaking of Path to Victory, Taylor and Victoria bonding during their Boston roadtrip, Just before Taylor is attacked, she is seen checking her phone and starts running in Taylor's direction. "To be perfectly honest, Weld. Still the folder seemed remarkably thin for what the media was calling "the next Nilbog. Her attempt to use her power to get in shape backfires slightly, as it puppets her body. Now she must learn to be independent, both as a blind person in her civilian life and as an 'independent hero' in her cape life. Cannot overstate how good Hunter is. Remaining in the ghost world rapidly causes Taylor to feel fatigued, becoming exhausted after only a few minutes. One fitting a piece together and passing it along just as the other finished. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. When Taylor phases through objects, they appear to "smear" along the direction of her movement as if someone had smudged a painting. And if I have to read "Then I went ghost" one more time I swear to GoD someone's getting hurt. Taylor and the Unseelie Court (Taylor isn't herself the spooky monster, but deals with old-school type Fae, dead). There it was. Taylor tinkers up drones, pushing New Wave back into the fray. Thanks to Contessa's jailbroken Path to Victory, Legend gets to her before she breaks down and recruits her into the Protectorate, After Contessa returns from successfully removing her power's restrictions on what it could plan around by getting it to bud off another parahuman, Eidolon realises that it means that there's a second person with access to the Path to Victory and they may need to silence her if necessary. I haven't read Hindsight Bias, but Taylor has the ability to frequently precog a few seconds into the future. Im looking forward to how this one goes. Taylor (presumably) haunts them, someone dies I think. Call my name and save me from the dark (wake me up), 6.0 Crescendo Say, say, say what you want. Thankfully for her, she's gotten quite adept at hiding the bodies. After that, she deliberately put Taylor into a situation where she would trigger, which simultaneously caused Contessa herself to second-trigger from deliberately forcing someone she had grown to care for into a trigger event. "This and no weapons to speak of." I don't know where to begin. Please consider turning it on! --it does have a different title, so yes. The name is Weld, nice to meet you.. Last chance for Weld to back out. "Someone who's immune to my power." While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Still, her advice had been sound and Weld used the ambient white noise to clear his thoughts. Which, as anyone keeping up with the trigger mechanics explained in Glowworm and expounded upon in Ward knows, implies she was part of a multi-trigger. The four year old glanced up, a bright smile on her face as she ran back to where her parents lay . and Samara from the Ring got together in Silent Hill and decided to mix and match powers to grant Taylor. In fact, they all looked identical. I'll pass your proposal to the Protectorate. "What are you aiming to produce?" In all likelihood, her job was next. Get insights SPL Payroll Outsourcing Pvt. We especially love the use of the power by Taylor and the way in which her Cape persona is manifesting to be some kind of phantom vigilante is amazing! Go Gently by Shana the Short (23 chapters, 74k words, last updated: 21st Apr, 2015) Reign by TP Knight (1 chapter, 2.1k words, one-shot) Two o'clock in the morning was not the 'happening' time to commit a crime, apparently. So Taylor with AOE music powers that include rapid full regeneration type healing. 43 Kudos: 125 Bookmarks: 33 Hits: 2730 Further, Taylor is unable to locate Ms. Romano in the wake of the Locker, when she went missing, even with PtV, which a vanishingly small number of beings can do (but includes Eidolon, the Endbringers, and Scion). You took Brockton Bay over in four weeks and then you just stopped at the city limits. ", "And so we forget about everything else?" Whereas Taylor had an actual chair you might expect in an office, Weld only had a solid plastic block, even then the chair groaned as he rested his weight against it. After everything else had gone so well, he had ruined it at the end. "If you'll follow me, we'll give you a more thorough inspection on my side of the line.". I can't think of any story where it's just 'Taylor in a wheelchair, living normally'. Weld replied. Silence answered him and Weld mentally berated himself. What happens when, for the first time in the history of the universe, there's a shard that is actually trying to help? Also I propose the cape name Glow Sticks for the Lols. The helicopter wasn't the best place to read, but Weld's grip on the paper was tight and he started to skim through it. Taylor says that if she pushes herself very hard, she can actually blow out bulbs, but that is the strongest feat she has accomplished. Excellent a new story to read, just in time for the holidays. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/LordDoom. LORD DOOM WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT HIS NAME IS SPELLED WITH ALL CAPS.. Well, maybe it is more to the tune of a Slaanesh Horde of Chaos Marines. When all the gangs are invited to Somer's Rock to discuss the ongoing gang war, "For the record, we did invite the ABB. There was surprisingly little difference between a drone and a missile; her power seemed to have zero issues with expendable use-once drones controlled from miles away. Very interesting fic so far. She realizes that she can use it to get into shape, and determines that she can use it as a personal trainer so she doesn't get fat eating all the things her power says she should eat. "There are entrepreneurs out there who understand the practicality of a workforce that can perfectly coordinate.". Definitely a strong mover power, but a thinker primary. Nice! Taylor triggers with Contessa's Path to Victory power. This is an alt-power Taylor in the Worm* verse with butterflies in play before the canon locker scene. "She was one of the original twenty-eight. Methuselah (original vampire alt!power) has some hints of it but might not quite fit. She can float at a maximum speed of about 25 miles per hour; as Taylor noted, a decent frame of reference would be Olympic-sprinting fast, but slower than most flying capes. The power has too many nitpicks and conditions. He hasn't even died. She waved a hand at the Taylors delicately fitting chips into small plastic cases. So this is a revisit of an old fic idea I had. Can I get a link? Not the most impressive powers, granted, but powers none the less. Taylor has a minor electronic disruption aura, such that she can make lights flicker or devices lose power for fractions of seconds. The third-person view of myself still made my movements awkward, my responses slower than a sighted person, with my visual reflexes being basically nonexistent. Mutually assured destruction and all that. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply", 1. It was tiny from where he stood. Taylor is correct that she is a grab-bag cape. No reason to ruin this meeting any further. If today has proven anything, it's that I'm working to help. Last edited: Nov 17, 2018. Taylor would never have imagined that going blind would have improved her life so dramatically, yet so it happened to be. Ltd. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram. Tried searching for it and got nothing. "Honestly, this is pretty surreal right now. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Is it different from my other fics? Off in the distance, a crane operated at the side of a skyscraper, the sun at its back. The hours I was in there had messed with my eyes and the last few days everything had gone from murky to just a mess of grays where any sort of light was painful. "We're on schedule to get the city back in working order in a matter of weeks. She stood and turned to look at the sunset, her back to him. ", "A threat." "This and no weapons to speak of." Besides himself, of course, but that was better left unsaid. Not only is picking on a blind girl too petty even for the Trio, not only has having to learn to care for a blind daughter helped her dad fight through the worst of his depression at losing his wife, but she even got superpowers out of the whole ordeal! For more information, please see our When Weld didn't get an answer, he looked up to see Piggot tired as she was, glaring at him, the muscles in her neck tensed. Awww, thank you. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Taylor was in much the same way; her mom had died in a car accident because she had been texting and driving about a year before I met her. What if Taylor got a different shard, one accidentally broken when Eden collided with Abbadon and received the Path shard? Pretending to be totally blind even when I could see my surroundings through someone else wasnt nearly as hard as you might think. So the intro said that the power was a trump so maybe some sort of field that links capes, like instruments in a band, and amplifies the effects they have? Taylor's power is like the Cenobites, Amara from F.E.A.R. Maybe he improvised and got that last one with something that disoriented people into passing out. She theorized. Anyway, no idea where you're going to take this, so I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. Her second power allows her to cause momentary disruptions in electronic systems: Lights flicker, cameras momentarily go to static, etc. Weld closed the file and focused on the thrum of the helicopter's blades. All Taylor had to do was touch the right person and every Taylor would have knowledge of how to get into the Protectorate database. Just read through the first chapter and damn, this is something I completely new for me and hooked me pretty hard just for the power. Personally I find the recent shipgirl invasion into the Worm fanfiction extremely pleasurable. Lord Doom is a Worm fanfiction posted on Spacebattles Dot Com, here. Queen of Owls on QQ. Have a chappie. We will escort you to the bridge. He's so distinctly not human, it's interesting to see how normal things that we take for granted fail to apply to him. Taylor came around the table until she stood to the side of Weld. It's well, a Peggy Sue story, with pre-cannon (by a few months) Taylor having memories up to Leviathon (I think that's where it was, can't 100% remember), smol Skitter is just as scary but makes up for her lost height with misunderstandings everywhere. In his most even voice, Weld spoke. The Protectorate therapist had encouraged him to take up meditation to make up for his lack of sleeping. A brief history prior to trigger event, combat logs for the first encounter, medical records, and almost inexplicably a school report card. She can process numerous separate perspectives on herself without issue. She looked over her shoulder, clearly annoyed. That's amazing! Things are changed beforehand and echoed through the dotted lines of the stations, but not tied to them. Seems like were going to get another awesome story from ScottotheUnwise, nice! Its function is awkward and inconsistent enough that she still needs day-to-day professional assistance to go out in public. "I'm not what most people expect." as well as Weld reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. Within this realm, Taylor is intangible, able to move freely in any direction at about the equivalent of a brisk jog and phase through solid objects. "That's not what I meant.". There are a few pact Alt!powers out ther you might want to check out. Intrepid, where she effectively has locked-in syndrome until Faultline arranges for a tinkered suit to compensate. Things are changed beforehand and echoed through the dotted lines of the stations, but not tied to them. I was going to ask but the story answered, she, Wandering Eyes [non-canon][Kiss/Kill speculation], Loves me, Loves me not [non-canon][Kiss/Kill speculation], Canon Clockblocker meets Camera Shy Clockblocker [non-canon][crack! "I think we're a little past first impressions.". She leaned forward, her hand to her chest again, "But he's here. You never walked into the villain's lair without some sort of plan of attack. Press J to jump to the feed. Privacy Policy. ", Weld's eyes widened and he turned to look at her. I was just surprised. While in her Breaker state, time is stopped for everything but herself. "An older model, communicator only?" "Yeah." He looked up and he saw Taylor watching him, her brow knitted together. It was hard to make that connection seeing a dozen of the girls working to repair a building. Press J to jump to the feed. Like a winding river, it may flow past familiar shores or cut its own path through solid rock. She can float and pass through objects. Now she must learn to be independent, both as a blind person in her civilian life and as an 'independent hero' in her cape life. Weve got Dragons and Heroes, some better, some worse. Even if no part of Taylor herself that is, skin is visible, this Thinker ability is liberal in its interpretation of looking at Taylor: The example Taylor uses is that if she wore a full bulky suit of armor her Thinker power would still count looking at the suit as looking at her. And a disabled unpowered Taylor cannot really hold a fic bigger than a one-shot. Weld stared at the hut. It also has the effect of putting Leet in reach of Contessa's machinations, reducing her ultimate plan by several steps. "Right." Taylor goes to Harry Potter, and solves the saga in two years. Taylor said as a pair of her doppelgangers stepped up onto the veranda wearing overalls and suspenders. Here's a list of Worm isekais . Eventually, it's revealed that her nickname is "Tessa," which is short for. Lord Doom is a Worm fanfiction posted on Spacebattles Dot Com, here. Read that one already. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. She said with only a hint of a sigh. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Very intense. I slowly slooooowly turned around, cowl obscuring my head and robe obscuring my shuffling feet as I appeared to rotate in place to face the heroines direction. "We carry the memories of our old selves. Very NSFW. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. I want things like Alma Wade!Taylor or Grudge or The Ring!Taylor or Dominion!Taylor. Grind Chapter 1: 1-1, a X-overs + Worm Crossover fanfic | FanFiction Grind 1.1 I walked into the Library. south american tropical fish exporters, safest helicopter in the world, medical revolution ap human geography definition,